My Junking Week


So, last week was a little better than it has been lately!  I found lots of cool retro stuff.  That spice rack is awesome, even has drawers in the bottom and came with a bunch of spice jars, some new in package.  I plan to paint and distress it and probably take it to the booth rather than Etsy.  That copper canister set has 4 cans, all with lids (rare to find them with their lids and that complete!)  It is in my Etsy shop already and may go to the booth after the canister set I already have there sells to make room for it.


This was last week’s haul from yard sales, thrift stores, an estate sale and church rummage sales.  There were a few other things not pictured as well.  This week, it was slim pickings again and not even any good sales tomorrow or Saturday.  I’ll post the few things I found today later.


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