My Antique Mall Booth Circa August 2015


Here is what my booth at Antique Maison looked like at the end of August 2015.  By the first week of September, it’s pretty much the same, except the buyer of the chest of drawers on the far left finally came and picked it up.  I am working on getting Mr. Caterpillar to make me some awesome reclaimed wood crates to use as shelving.  I have got to get everything off the floor–a few things is fine, but if you want it to sell, it needs to be at eye level.  I will be repainting a couple of things over the next month or so.  They’ve sat too long in colors that are way too “niche” to appeal to a wide audience.  My furniture pretty much only sells if it is a neutral white or blue, especially aqua.  The shutters, twin end tables, and the “country red” wall shelf will all be getting makeovers.  Oh yeah and that little train case you see holding the books.  It’s mate already sold, and I think this one needs a little something.  With rare exception, suitcases in their “natural” state don’t move well for me.



Moving back to a small booth has been a bit of an adjustment.  With no room for a lot of furniture, I really must install some shelving!  I also need to finish culling the items that don’t belong.  Having been in the antique mall for over a year now, I finally think I am *starting* to get a handle on what sells well, and therefore what needs to be in the booth.  A more cohesive looking booth should generate more revenue.  And for me, this is about revenue.




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