Gauche Jewelry Box Gets Cloche New Life


While it may not quite be “Goth to Boss”, this little broken down musical jewelry box has been resurrected from derelict status to mantle-worthy.  Found at an estate sale, got it for a song.  Here is how it started:

A close-up.  I’m sure once it was really cute, but here it’s just major ick factor.  (That’s dust.)

The back.  The music didn’t play.

Here it is after I removed the dusty felt floor and paper flowers, bird, etc.  (The bird was inspiring though!)

Look what a difference a little fresh creamy paint makes!  I lined the base with burlap, and fashioned a wee paper mache bird as a finial.  I covered the back with a vintage print music page.

20150923_170803 (1)

Now it’s a cloche with working catch-all drawers.

20150923_170816 (1)

A close-up of the bird.  I glittered his beak and gave him tiny dots of black paint for eyes.

20150923_170823 (1)

I am very pleased with how this one turned out!  Sometimes I get home from treasure hunting and ask myself WHAT was I thinking.  If I wait for inspiration, it usually comes to me.  🙂  Now if I could just figure out what to do with that ugly vintage plug-in kitchen wall clock…..



  1. That is TOTALLY cute. I have a jewelry box that’s very similar that I got from my grandparents when I was four — mine is a bit cuter than your “before” picture and I couldn’t paint it for sentimental reasons but this makes it AWFULLY tempting to do so. I’ve never seen one when I’m out and about at thrift stores but if I do, I’m totally going to buy it and steal your idea!

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