Before & After Round Cabinet


So I am really bad about remembering to take “before” photos, but I want to give  you an idea of what this piece looked like.  Imagine this:


A vintage Basset round cabinet.  BUT left out in a dirty garage for a couple of decades, with ick in the grove on top (you can’t see it here but there was a brass-colored flexible band running around the groove.  I’m sure it was just spiffy back in the day….  The finish was worn and dull and ugly (and possibly a darker wood than cherry to begin with, but this same exact style).  A handle was missing.  Priced $8.00!  Are you kidding–YES PLEASE!

And then a little TLC, lots of cleaning, several coats of paint inside and out, some decoupage, a good bit of distressing.  And new knobs.  (You can see two styles in the photo below, but I did choose!)  New life:


Inside view:


You can still see some of the groove that I filled in on the top.  I decided to go with it–adds to the worn-in aged feel of the piece.  Trust me.


I spent about $5 on the knobs, so overall it was about a $14 project.  Not too shabby.  🙂


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