Antique Mall Booth September 2015


I finally got my little tables moved into the booth!  As you can see, almost everything is now off the floor.  It makes it sooo much easier to place the smaller things, and of course easier for people to shop the booth.


(If you click on the pictures, you can see a much larger photo that isn’t blurry.)


While my booth is definitely still eclectic, I feel like it is starting to have a more cohesive look, helped along mainly by focusing the color scheme on aqua and neutral whites.  I am also re-stocking only the types of things that actually SELL, and removing things that don’t and moving them to my Etsy shop with a much broader audience.  That also gives me the freedom to try out new ideas one or two at a time, (like the paper mache pears and seashells and more “crafty” items), while maintaining a “go-to” selection.

Watch the video here.


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